Tim Armstrong on X-Files — Rancid Rancid


Tim Armstrong on X-Files


February 8th, 2016


Ok so tonight I’m gonna make a guest appearance on The X-Files. Here’s the backstory on how it went down.
Glen Morgan who is the writer and director of X-Files, is a fan of Rancid. Glen has seen Rancid 40 times live over the years. At a show in San Diego, he split his head open in the pit and received 4 stitches, ouch.
Come to find out, Glen had written a character with me in mind called “The Trashman.” To just be considered for a role was an honor, but actually filming was a surreal experience. Everyone on set from the cast, to the crew welcomed me with open arms and made me feel right at home.
I’ve been watching the X-Files since day one, so this whole experience was awesome.


  • Lorenzo Lou Rents Curti

    Good for you, it sounds really interesting. I can’t wait to see this new ephisode!

  • It was a killer performance! I’d love to see Tim do more acting! Freaking awesome!

  • Frank Fournier

    When your name flashed during the opening credits, I didn’t see it, but my wife said, “Tim Armstrong!! Do you think…??” All I said was, “God, I hope so!!” It was awesome and is now my favorite X-Files episode by default. (…but I also really love “Humbug” –the one with the circus freaks.)

  • Andrés Vamos

    Tim , hello . !! First of all apologize for my English. My name is Andrés and I live in Uruguay , a small country in South America with Argentina and Brazil. Here are many fans of Rancid and wanted to see the possibility of reaching Rancid to play to our country. !! As you can do to be contacted to come to play ?? I look forward to your answer. !! Thank you.

  • Liz Alaniz

    Bad ass, I watched that episode! I love X-files and I love you guys ?

  • Professor Murtagh

    I heard your voice and made me look…then I realised that it was you. Rad man.

  • Deborah S. Schiro’

    I am big fan of X-Files and Rancid, so the episode made perfect sense. I had a rabbit once named Gillian and my 17 years old cat is Tim.
    I really loved the episode and the ideas about homeless, trash and human relationships. It was so positive surprisely to read your name in the opening credits and find out that it was you.
    Greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Waiting for your show down here next March

  • Roza Toiler

    Good afternoon. I have long wanted to write and show my respect, but I was embarrassed. A few years ago, my French friends sent me a video with Tim. I and my children listen to long domestic and European street punk, oi, post punk. Rancid but we have not heard. For several years I’ve been watching music projects Tim. I see an incredible development, diligence, curiosity, great job on myself and in music. When I saw Tim on the Central Russian channel (x-files), I experienced culture shock. Tim’s creativity has no limits, it expands the horizon all the time. I find it easier to live and breathe knowing that there are such people. A great deal of respect. Best wishes. Good luck!

  • Chris Manners

    It was such an amazing thing to see you in the show, Tim! A massive fan of both Rancid and X Files. Keep up the spot on work and thanks for all the true, meaningful music that gives people so much more than you could ever know. Thanks a lot! You are the voice for the ones that cannot be heard.

    Chris M