2017 SOUTH AMERICA TOUR — Rancid Rancid





September 28th, 2016


We can’t wait to see you all!

  • Hardc0re

    Will you play on other venues during your stay in South America? Lollapalooza is WAY overpriced, specially in Brazil.
    We would love some Rancid-only shows right here 🙂

    • Joyce Emy

      I totally agree with you, we can’t pay for this show. The tickets are really expensive. I’m very sad about it, because i LOVE Rancid, i’m dying to see you, guys. But i can’t pay for it.. 🙁

  • diegomrosa

    Hi guys, it would be amazing to have Rancid shows in other cities here in Brazil. There are many fans here in the city of Porto Alegre that would love to see the band for the first time!

  • Garza Drum ®

    Hey , are you goint to do a side show in Argentina? the tickets for Lollapalooza are so overpriced, please play a show only yourselves (sorry for my english)

  • Gustavo Guerra

    In colombia its the same, the prices are too high! never the less im going to see you guys in bogota

  • Rafael Douglas

    Are you guys confirmed to play on Saturday (Mar 25th)? If yes, I prefer to wait until I can buy a single day pass (not for both days as they are selling right now), cause this is the only concert I’d love to see.

  • Max Sniff

    200 dollars is the price of tickets for lollapaloza!!!!!! Please play in other venues!!

  • Licenciado Nexus

    What about mexican tour? You have more fans in México than in whole Japan, and Argentina, Brazil and Colombia together, I mention Japan because you tour there often

  • Licenciado Nexus

    Please show some love to México

  • Joao Pedro

    Please come to Rio de Janeiro!! So many punk rockers here!!!

  • Rodrigo Martorelli

    Oh man, I´ve been waiting for this for 20 years, We love Rancid in Brazil so much taht we deserve other shows besides the Lollapalooza. But I`m very very happy with this tour!

  • Rodrigo Martorelli
  • Lobato Chiand

    holly shit, unbelievable.. 20 years to come to Brazil and play to a lots of childies on a teenager festival? Come on… we are all about not capitalism?

  • Sonsu

    Thats fucking bullshit. Lollalooza suxx

  • KuKo

    Lolla$hituza!? what a f*cking rip-off… Show south america some #respect man.

  • Ricardo Luis

    Please come to Rio de Janeiro!! So many punk rockers here!!!

  • Mário

    Lolla is not accessible to the true fans of Rancid. Please, make another date to make one Rancid showt in São Paulo.

  • KuKo

    I can’t believe you will be part of this bullshit concert. It’s like Columbus coming to America again. I thought you were punks, not mercenaries.

  • F Ricardo

    I’d really like to see Rancid playing in Brazil. Unfortunately, I just can’t afford to pay to see 20 other bands, including headliners Metallica, just to see Rancid.

    Hopefully you guys come back to a smaller show in the future.

    • Carlos Augusto Brelha Terminal

      yes, the lollapalooza prices are ridiculous!

      i hope Rancid can make more shows in Brazil. It’s my favourite band, i have not much hope that i can see a show of them.

  • Carlos Augusto Brelha Terminal

    Im so glad that you are finally coming to Brazil, but lollapalooza prices are ridiculous!

    I hope you can make more shows in Brazil. You are my favourite band since I first heard to “and out come the wolves”, back in 2000. I have not much hope that I can see a show of you again, unfortunatly.

  • Erik Salas

    México tour pleaseee !!!!! D’:

  • Luis García Woolrich

    and Mexico????? common guys, you have to come to Mexico, at least once in a lifetime!!!!!

  • Richie Wartooth

    They will play at the festival Vive Latino

  • Luis Felipe Romo Juarez

    Hello friends of Rancid. I turn to you with respect and admiration. The following publication that I put in your page is to clarify the doubt about your presentation in Mexico.

    As you can see the next poster of the international festival Vive Latino announces a date with you. Now if they could confirm the date announced on their official website (Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) would be grateful. Not just me, but many fans who have been waiting for them for a long time. Thanks so much and good night. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1b2f6888f0cf26bfd1a92732827f5492ef62b0b584f40ecfde3bb95fd9e38429.jpg

  • Antonio Marques

    WOW.. Came to Rio de Janeiro Too….

  • Vero Distorted

    Hello, my name is
    Veronica, and recently I found out that they did not offer sideshows of
    Lolla from Argentina, we fans broadcast events so that some producer
    could bring them in a separate show, since not everyone can access that
    show, but we did not . Hope this read
    and can analyze the fact if you could give a show apart, we are many
    fans and have long been waiting for your long awaited visit. From now greetings and thanks for reading. Keep Rocking!

  • Daniel Sivinski

    I dreamed all my life to see a Rancid show.. now it became a nightmare… Lolla is a bitch! 1000 Reais is like a month of regular work here… cant you take an extra show in Porto Alegre for at least half or one third of Lollas price? By the way.. Lolla and Rancid do not match at all… NOFX and Bad Religion played here in Porto Alegre already.. for a fair price ticket!!! Please do not let your fans down here in Brazil as we do not have all the diamonds Lolla is asking us for!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!

  • Daniel Sivinski

    how many likes in a Facebook post would you need us to spread here in Brazil so we could have you playing an extra show here, outside lolla? Rancid Brazilian Fans, please support me in this initiative… lets share this post in Facebook till we get a million likes for Rancid playing more concerts here!!!

  • Glauber Marques

    Really a sideshow in Argentina only???????? c´mon

  • Leandro Pimentel

    $500 to see Rancid in Brazil well done !!!!

  • Emilio

    What about a sideshow in Chile?

  • Rober Dawson

    Hello guys, many years ago that the Argentineans we are waiting for you to come to our country, Unfortunately (for us) some of us were left without tickets for the sideshow, due to poor organization. I ask ,if possible, if you can do something to change the location of the event , as it is small for the amount of fans that you have in argentina…i hope it happens, not to repent, be sure.

  • Camila Marota Nogueira

    We need you in São Paulo SP Brazil!!! Lollapalooza is very expensive!!

  • Rodolfo AC

    Hi guys, not sure if you´re aware, but for your sideshow in Buenos Aires exclusive priority access to tickets was given to clients of a specific bank (Santander Rio) through the organiser All Access. All of us who are not clients of this bank (or don´t have friends who are clients) had to wait until today (Feb. 16) at 10AM to get tickets but, of course, they were entirely sold out at 10:00 on the dot (I was checking on and off since midnight, ha!). It´s a shame that hundreds (if not thousands) of us will miss your first performance in Argentina for this reason, and catching you at Lollapalooza will not even begin to compare with the historic performance you’ll offer the luck few fans (with access to a Santander Rio credit card) who’ll be at the sideshow. I understand that this surely had nothing to do with the band, but just wanted to let you know that you have a ton of fans that feel royally screwed (not by you of course) and totally crushed. Just wanted you to be aware of what´s going on here in BA. All the best. Rodolfo

  • Luis Curugual

    Hello Rancid I do not know if they know but the sideshow they are going to give on 30 March is exhausted given by a very bad organization of the ticketera the subject is that many fans like me have waited a long time to see them and now we can not why They do in a very small place and do not know that there are thousands of fans here, tickets were only acquired by certain customers of a bank only in the pre-sale and we had to wait until today that the general sale began and it is already exhausted from before actually Never sold more tickets, they might consider doing it in a bigger place we are many that unfortunately we would be outside of a great concert that waited long ago. Thank you. Luis from Argentina

  • Sand

    Please come to Rio de Janeiro!! So many punk rockers here!!!

  • Sand

    Please, come to Rio de Janeiro !! Lollapalooza is very expensive. You have audiences for a show outside the teen festival.

  • Lucas Setentaysiete

    Hey, how come the tickets for the sideshow in Buenos Aires were only sold in an exclusive pre-sale for exclusive owners of a particular credit card and there was nothing left for everybody else?

  • fer

    Hello Rancid !! I do not know if you already know given the messages published on the page by many fans of yours that the situation here in buenos aires, Argentina, is not the best with regard to tickets for the 30/3 show at the flower theater ( Place of the event) because of the bad organization they had, we know that this is outside the band, because a bank (Santander) had priority only to exclusive customers and not having a bank card had to wait until 16/02 The sale was enabled for people who were not customers. At that time many people wanted to buy the tickets and the answer was that they were exhausted, knowing and respecting the schedule proposed by the organizer. For many fan comments, many thought that they never put the tickets on sale and it’s a shame because both me and many people hoped to have the chance to see them. Greetings from Argentina cynthia and fernando.

  • Gabriel

    Please another date in São Paulo lollapalooza is too fucking expensive! We all punk rockers in here would really like to go to your show!!!

  • Juan Pablo Vildoso Castillo

    Hello Rancid,

    Why not a side show in Santiago? if you do it, sure you will come back!

  • Ricardo Mendoza

    Dear Lint, Lars, and Matt; please come to Mexico. See ya in the pit.

  • Will R.

    Hey dudes you have to play more places here in Brazil! We are a huge country with thousands of punk rockers that always wanted to see you live. Please come to Fortaleza CE, or at least another gig out of Lolapalooza, the price of their tickets is not fair for a fan who’s gonna enjoy only Rancid’s show and have to share the front with hundreds of another bands’ fans!

  • Leandro Vaiano

    C’mon U$ 200,00 in Lollapalooza… Lolla is not accessible to the true fans of Rancid.

  • Josefina Porras

    How can I get 2 tickets for the sideshow in Argentina?

  • Elihú Skullington

    hi my friend rancid was the best show ever thank very much fro mexico

  • Rodrigo Braz Vieira

    Totally agree, USD180,00 is way too expensive. I would go to Lolapalooza just for Rancid, but it’s way too expensive. Since you’re gonna be in São Paulo, set up an extra concert in Rio.

  • Guilherme Silveira

    Fuck Lollapalooza!!!!!!

    We can not afford so much to see Rancid.
    Lollapalooza is for little boys with pear and ovomaltine.
    The real punk rockers ask for a Rancid show in SP.

  • Enrique Santos

    Hey guys, I need to ask you for a huge favor for today´s concert in Bogota. Could you please dedicate Ruby Soho in the memory of Camilo Garcia, he passed away 10 years ago. Ruby Soho was his power song, and it became the anthem for all of his friend who will be there today. I hope you get to do it, it will mean a lot to us.

  • Chueco Rancid

    Argentina is waiting 4 U guys, cant wait

  • Rodrigo Azevedo

    Come to Rio!!

  • Ronaldo Bahia

    I’m punk and got money haha I’m going to see Rancid in Brasil

    • Finn o humano✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      com essa cara aí duvido muito!

  • Edy Sarmiento

    I totally agree with the Lollapalooza, exactly the same with the estéreo picnic in colombian, i couldnt see you. I hope you can comeback to colombia but just you.

  • Fernando Duten

    No me importó esperar 25 años para poder ver a Rancid por primera vez en Argentina… Espero que no se demoren tanto para volver a pisar suelo Argentino.
    Recién se fueron y ya los extraño!!! VUELVAN PRONTO!!!

    • Francisco Diaz

      seeee en el lola estuvieron tremendo no pude ir a verlos a flores

  • Fernando Duten
  • MrSheamon

    fuck the banks. your albums and lirics are emotional as fuck. great musicians listeting to you since 1993! nobody manage the production and arragements as you, your taste in music is sideral. admire you. i wish you come argentina soon again, couldy see you….hope you came every fucking year or so. fuck.un gran abrazo desde argentina. el flaco. ariel.